Ancestor chart of Bridges Family

FTDNA Y-DNA Test Kit# 130336, Group 1 (Haplogroup I1)

The primary research task here is to identify the parents of this test subject's grandfather John H. Bridges b. 1860 in MS, using the test subject's mutation (from other closely related test subjects in Group 1) of -1 on DYS449 as a research guide to earlier Bridges families to look at to determine the identity of John's father.

PROBABLE ANCESTOR OF THIS TEST SUBJECT: John Bridges 1780 NC and d. 1842 Rutherford/Cleveland Co. NC. John d. 1842 is buried in a family cemetery on Grog Creek now in Cleveland Co., NC. John married Elizabeth Stone. For earlier Bridges generations, see ancestor chart for test kit# 35494. See test kits # 35494 and # 54232 in Group 1 which have a matching mutation on DYS449 with this test subject # 130336. This mutation may be a genetic fingerprint to help identify the ancestors of this test subject # 130336.

John Bridges d. 1842 had two sons b. in Rutherford Co. NC: Ephraim Bridges b. 1810, and Henderson Dial Bridges b. 1812; who moved to MS just prior to the 1850 census and were listed beside each other in 1850 Tippah Co. MS census, next door to Henry Michael. In 1850 Ephraim Bridges had sons of interest: Posey Bridges b. 1833, Ezekiel b. 1835, Nuton (Newton) b. 1842; and Dial had sons: William b. 1836 and James b. 1841. In the 1860 Itawamba Co. MS population schedule of the census Geo. P. Bridges b. 1834 and E. H. Bridges b. 1835 were listed beside each other, next door to Wm. R. Mitchell b. 1829. This "G. P." Bridges name appears from 1850/1860 census years to probably be "George Posey Bridges" (son of Ephraim). But some researchers are reporting the name as "Greenberry" without citing sources. Both young Bridges men as reported on the population schedule in the 1860 Itawamba Co. census were married, and E. H. and wife had no sons but had two daughters (thus 1 male and 3 females) with one daughter b. ca May, 1860; and G. P. and wife as reported on the population schedule in 1860 had no children listed (thus 1 male and 1 female), meaning that if the test subject's grandfather John H. Bridges b. 1860 belongs to either of this group, and that if the year of John's birth is correct as "1860", then it is more likely that he was the son of G. P. because G. P. and wife did not yet have a child born in 1860. These notes are from the Federal copy of the 1860 population schedules, but this researcher does not know if either the State copy or the County copy of this census is available in MS and might report different details. The "Mississippi State and Territorial Census Collection, 1793-1866" also reports data for the 1860 Itawamba Co. census, but reports only a household headcount by males and females, and reports E. H. Bridges with 2 males and 2 females, and listed beside him is G. P. Bridges with headcount of 3 males and 1 female. From other records, it is known that E. H. did have a son (M. E. b. 1857) so the accuracy of the popluation schedule is in question. The headcount listing apparently gives G. P. Bridges 2 sons born prior to the date that the census was taken, but the two sons were not listed on the population schedule. MORE RESEARCH IS NEEDED. ALL TYPICAL PAPER TRAIL RECORDS HAVE NOT YET BEEN CHECKED.

(?Ephraim's) son, -----MISSING LINK ------ Bridges b. ? prior 1842 and d. ?CSA. He m. _______

In the Tippah/Itawamba Co. MS area, three sons of Ephraim Bridges b. 1810 married three daughters of Elizabeth/Betty Tackett b. ca 1820. G. P. Bridges b. ca 1833 m. ca 1854 Mary J. Tackett; and Ezekiel H. Bridges b. ca 1835 m. ca 1856 Rebecca Ann Tackett b. ca 1840; and William Newton Bridges b. ca 1842 m. ca 1861 Elizabeth Ellen Tackett b. ca 1845. By the 1850 Itawamba Co. census, the mother of the Tackett girls, Elizabeth ____ Tackett b. ca 1822 had married William Mitchel b. ca 1826, and the three Tackett girls were listed in the Mitchell household. In 1860 Itawamba Co. Elizabeth b. ca 1826 and husband Wm. R. Mitchell b. ca 1829 were listed immediately beside of Geo. P. Bridges (wife Mary Tackett) and E. H. Bridges (wife Rebecca Tackett) with the third Tackett girl being listed as Eliza A. Mitchell age 15. Neither G. P. Bridges nor his wife/widow Mary J. Tackett Bridges have been found in the 1870 census.

There are two Confederate Service Records for the name of "G. P" Bridges, of Co. B, 32nd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry. Each record is imcomplete by itself, implying that there may be only one soldier. The first record reports that "G. P." Bridges enlisted May 3, 1862 at Corinth, MS and was reported sick several months, and was sent Feb. 15, 1863 to a hospital at Tullahuma, TN, and reportedly died at Chattanoga, TN on Apr. 6, 1863. The second record for "G. P." Bridges reports that he died from sickness at Buckner Hospital in Ringold, GA on April 8, 1863. This death is two days later than the death reported in TN, and is about ten miles south (on the railroad) from Chattanoga. The second record reports that he enlisted May 3, 1862 at ?Forrinster? MS and that he was aged 31 years (b. ca 1832) and was born in Giles Co. TN, and is reported on one of these pages as "Green P. Bridges". The question is were there two, or only one, dead soldiers, with two reports having been generated as attempts were made to ship the body south, and what was the name of the soldier(s)? MORE RESEARCH IS NEEDED, AS THE GILES CO. REFERENCE DOES NOT MATCH THE MAN FROM TIPPAH / ITAWAMBA CO. WHO WAS BORN IN RUTHERFORD CO. NC.

By the 1870 census, William Mitchel b. ca 1835 and wife Betty Mitchel b. ca 1830 were listed in Tipton Co. TN with William "Brigges" b. 1858 and John "Brigges" b. 1860 in their household. If the headcount of the 1860 Itawamba Co. census was correct, then these two young men were probably sons of G. P. Bridges and wife Mary J. Tackett Bridges, and are now in 1870 living with their maternal grandmother Elizabeth/Betty _____ Tackett Mitchell. This John Bridges b. ca 1860 was the grandfather of the test subject.

John H. Bridges b. 1860 has not been found in the 1860 census. The 1870 Tipton Co. TN census lists William Brigges b. 1858 and John Brigges b. 1860 both in household with William Mitchel (Mitchell) b. 1825 (wife Betty b. ca 1830); and are listed beside Daniel Michel(Michael) b. ca 1841 (?b. Nov. 21, 1841 DeKalb Co., AL?). It has not been determined how or if William Brigges is related to John Brigges in the 1870 census, but it is suspected that they were brothers. The 1880 Tipton Co., TN census lists Johnnie Bridges b. 1860 in household of Z. D. (?Zerah? ?Daniel?) or S. D. (?Daniel?) Michell (Michael) b. ca 1848? and is listed next door to a young man listed as M. E. Bridges b. 1857 MS and wife Z. H. (with this man M. E. b. 1857 probably being Montgomery Ephraim Bridges, son of Ezekiel H. Bridges b. 1835 who was a son of Ephraim b. 1810 from Tippah Co. MS; thus M. E. was also a grandson of Elizabeth/Betty ___ Tackett Mitchell). Montgomery was apparently incorrectly listed as a female in the 1860 Itawamba Co. population census, but counted correctly as a male in the headcount. Montgomery's wife was known to be Zerah Mahulda Mitchell b. Sept. 18, 1862 d. Feb. 16, 1938 in Santa Ana, CA. Michel/Michael and Mitchel/Mitchell are two different surnames, but might be reported as the same in the census.

-- SON OF MISSING LINK -- John H. Bridges b. (?Jan.?), 1860 __________ Co. MS and (listed 1900 Oconee Co. SC census) d. 1908 Anderson/Oconee Co., SC. John H. Bridges m. Aug. 30, 1883 Tipton Co. TN Rachel Emily Emma Richardson b. Feb. 4, 1854 Hart Co., GA and d. Oct. 3, 1930 Anderson Co. SC. Emma was daughter of Samuel Richardson and Rachel Owen. Emma had two older children (Mary McCarthy and Sam McCarthy) who both took the Bridges surname and moved to Anderson Co. SC. John H. Bridges had five sons and one daughter with Emma: Charlie Lewis Bridges, Leona R. Bridges (m. Brown), Henderson Carol D. Bridges, Claude J. Bridges, Frank Newton Percell Bridges and Thomas Luther Bridges.

Their son, Frank Newton Percell Bridges b. March 8, 1896 Anderson Co. SC and d. Aug. 19, 1947. Frank m. Dec. 28, 1922 Anderson Co. Mattie Lou Evans b. Feb. 13, 1901 TX d. Sept. 8, 1984 SC. Double Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson, SC.

Their son, RNB was the person tested.

NOTE 1: The test for this subject above, reports a mutation (similar to test # 35494 and test # 54232) of -1 from most other related members in Bridges Group 1 for a value of 26 on his marker 21, DYS449. See this mutated marker with white background on results page, while most markers in group 1 are presented in yellow background. Test # 35494 is a proven descendant of a son (William A. Bridges) of "Grog Creek" John Bridges d. 1842; and test # 54232 is a proven descendant of another son (Thomas S. Bridges) of John Bridges d. 1842, both of whom also have the same mutation, meaning that John Bridges d. 1842 probably also had the mutation. It is not known if John's (d. 1842) brothers and father also had the same identifying mutation. This test # 130336 is probably a descendant of one of John's other two sons (Ephraim or Henderson, but most probably Ephraim) who both moved to Tippah Co. in north east MS just prior to the 1850 census. This mutation is basically a genetic "fingerprint" which can help identify John's descendants.

NOTE 2: About 1850/60 several other Bridges families (descendants of one Aaron Bridges b. ca 1770s who d. ca 1819 in Rutherford Co.) who were likely close cousins to Ephraim and to his brother Henderson, also moved to the north east corner of MS, near Tippah Co., and to Neshoba Co. / Leake Co. A test subject FTDNA # 150758 from this other related Bridges family has been tested to see if the mutation also appears in this other line, and it does not. The descendants of Aaron (d. ca 1819) do not have the mutation.

NOTE 3: One person of interest in north east MS who was probably descended from Aaron d. ca 1819 is one Berry Bridges who is sometimes referred to as Berry Hicks Bridges. This Berry Bridges age 19 appears in 1860 Tishomingo Co. MS census, and Berry Bridges age 28 appears in 1870 Prentiss Co. (near Henderson Bridges age 58), but Berry is not a son of Henderson, as this Berry Bridges b. ca 1840/42 can be found at age 10 in 1850 Rutherford Co. NC census in household of his father William Bridges age 43 (next door to Elizabeth Bridges age 66, who was widow of Aaron d. ca 1819, and is probably the mother of William age 43, thus probably the grandmother of Berry). Berry is found as B. H. Bridges age 39 in 1880 Prentiss Co. and as Berry H. Bridges age 59 in 1900 McNairy Co. TN and reportedly d. in McNairy Co. in 1912. Berry's male descendants probably did not have the mutation on DYS449 (that is the Grog Creek John Bridges' mutation of -1), but a descendant of Berry has not yet been Y-DNA tested.

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