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The BRIDGES, BRIDGE, BRIDGER, BRIDGERS, BRYDGES (referred to as "BRIDGES") surname Y-chromosome, DNA Project is registered with the company Family Tree DNA (Gene By Gene, Ltd.) at http://www.FamilyTreeDNA.com. A new Bridges Group Administrator was appointed on October 17, 2008.

The success of our Y-DNA Project depends on the number of participants who join our testing group, as well as the documentation of the research and ancestor charts connected with each line for dates and locations of birth, death, marriage, etc.

Please contact as many BRIDGES researchers and potential Y-DNA test subjects as you can to encourage their participation in our Project to help to ensure its success.

The testing is of the male Y-chromosome that is passed only from father to son. Therefore, the testing requires a male test subject with the surname of BRIDGES, etc.; or requires a strong Y-DNA match with previously tested Bridges surnamed project members.

Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX is our testing company. They are leaders in their field.

The testing laboratory will analyze either 12, 25, 37, 67 or 111 markers on the male Y-chromosome. The 37 marker test has become the "standard" test to begin with. If the markers of two or more male test subjects substantially match, it will indicate they probably descend from a common male ancestor at some time in the past. It will not identify the specific ancestor. It is our opinion that the highest marker test that you can purchase, the better we are able to determine if you are related to another male test subject that your DNA should match based on your previous paper trail research. The 12 marker Y-DNA test may find many matches that are actually not close when greater numbers of markers are tested. You can upgrade from a lower marker test to a higher marker test at a later date if desired, usually without submitting another DNA sample.

To join our Project, and to help answer your questions, there is a link to the left. A Y-DNA test taken from any testing service other than FTDNA will not qualify for joining this project. The test must be done by FTDNA. We require an ancestor chart, typed in text format, of your family down from the earliest known male BRIDGES ancestor to you, the participant. This is to help identify each family line using the test kit number as the test subject's project membership number. After you have joined our Project, you will receive instructions on where and how to send your ancestor chart. The ancestor chart will be reviewed to determine if it is reasonable prior to posting. The accuracy of the ancestor chart is the responsibility of the test subject, and the chart is not guaranteed by this project to be accurate or proven. If you have previously submitted the release form, and your Y-DNA test results or your ancestor chart have not yet been posted to this site, or have other questions, please send an email to the new administrator describing your status, with any requested action.

Autosomal DNA / auDNA Family Finder test subjects should have an identified Bridges surnamed direct ancestor on their ancestor chart within the past five generations, or have strong matches to other Family Finder test subjects who have Bridges surnamed ancestors. For exceptions, please contact the project administrator.

Mitochrondrial DNA test subjects (who do not have either previous member Y-DNA or auDNA Family Finder tests already in this project) and who do not have recent and repetitive Bridges surnamed female ancestors, should upload their mtDNA results to the MitoSearch database linked to the left.

Potential Y-DNA or Family Finder auDNA transfer members should read the transfer links to the left prior to joining this project.

Click on this link to send email to Mills Bridges at millsbridges@nc.rr.com